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RoboSpecies Technologies Pvt. Ltd. believes what a company stands for is as important as what it produces.We provide better education and research to the students of different schools and professional colleges. We encourage students to contact us with feedback, comments and questions. Based in Noida, RoboSpecies Technologies Pvt.Ltd. has years of experience in the field of ROBOTICS. Established by the group of dedicated Engineers and Marketing Heads. Recognizing that the embedded systems and robotics industry requires a vast pool of educated and skilled manpower to sustain its impressive growth rate. The current education system provides limited hands-on experience and exposure to the latest technologies to the students and often failed to meet students expectations. So, we decided to improve both the functionality of the existing solutions and their execution.Our offerings are multi-layered and spread geographically. WINTER TRAINING at RoboSpecies Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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ARM Development Board /STM32

Price: Rs.2500

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RobotriX Senior Kit

Price: Rs.4490

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Seven Segment Display

Price: Rs.120.00

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Digital IR Sensor

Price: Rs.50.00

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