STEAM Lab Setup

STEAM LAB (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Robotics Lab is a Lab Setup in the School itself which will be integrated with the academic structure. It will enhance the technological aspect brings the change into the students such as critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and hand motor coordination.

STEAM LAB is a concept introduced by RoboSpecies Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to help schools build Innovative Science Centres and practical based learning areas. We have large range of products varying from electronics to building tools at cheapest prices all over India. We asure quality of all our products and a good selection of accessories and learning tools. We also have developed some Do It Youself Kits by the name ROBOTRIX for different age group of students.


  • Multiple Designs using Single kit.
  • Practically Implementing Science concepts: Do It Yourself Kit.
  • Based on STEAM Concept: Science, technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics.
  • Complete set of building parts.
  • Step by step instruction manual.
  • Video tutorials for better understanding of building robots.
  • Lots of Accessories.
  • Product Quality Assured.
  • Dedicated Service Helpline.
  • Faculty development Programme.
  • Service centres for product repairing. .
  • Spare parts for all products.
  • Grand Competition in IIT

Our Skills

What we Have ?

  • Kits, Equipments & Workbooks
  • Robotrics/ Mechatronics kits and learning aids for Primary, Junior and Senior Schools.
  • Lab Equipments, Scientific and Mechanical Instruments and Consumables
  • Student/ Teacher's Training
  • Capacity Building Workshops for Teachers by Professional Trainer's
  • 3-5 days hands-on training on content, challenges and curriculums
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Well Designed curriculum and activity sheets for all age groups
  • Add a dash aeromodelling, Rocketry and Astronomy for unending fun learning
  • Innovation Exibition
  • To Incalculate Design Thinking , ideation and problem solving skills.
  • Latest Technology hands-on training and mentorship camps for students


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