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Schools Robotic Camp

What is Schools Robotic Camp..?

Schools Robotics Camp is an initiative by RoboSpecies Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to give students freedom of enormous creativity in the field of fast developing technologies. With the help of robotics training through various programs children can empower their vision for future and can easily understand the operation of various devices that they notice in daily life like escalators, automatic doors, etc. There are various programs offered by RoboSpecies like After School Program, Winter Camp, Summer Camp.

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Deeply empowering short duration workshops on latest technologies like Quadcopter, 3D Printer, Augmented Reality, Robotics and many more.


30/45 Day International Certification Trainings given by the best experts of the industry. All trainings are practical and industry based.


Buy Online Robotic Kits, Robotic Accessories, Robotic Projects, Sensors, Arduino Boards and many more...


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